Brenner, Kohlemühle, Feuerungsschema, Verbrennungsregelung x x

Firing technology for the different fuels

heavy fuel oil, light oil / gas oil, crude oil


bituminous coal, brown coal / lignite

low quality fuels



x       x
Düsenboden, Müllkran, Walzenrost, Müllverbrennungsregelung      

Fluidised bed technology

stationary combustion

circulation combustion

rotating combustion

fluidised bed gasification

fluidised bed closed loop controls

Düsenboden, Müllkran, Walzenrost, Müllverbrennungsregelung      

Waste incineration technology

counter-reciprocating grate

step grate

reciprocating grate

horizontal moving grate

roller grate

combustion control

Blockregelung, Brüdenregelung, Mühlenregelung, Single line diagram, Eigenbedarfsschaltbild    

Measuring- and control technology,
as well as electrical

instrumentation of power plants and environmental plants

open closed loop controls of steam generator

open closed loop controls of firing systems

unit controls

concepts of auxiliary power systems

concepts of emergency power systems

Dampfleitungen, Montage Walzenrost, Leitwarte      

Coordination of construction

construction management

supervision of general

supervision of construction / installation of electric and I&C systems


loop checks

supervision of progress

Braunkohlekraftwerk, Müllheizkraftwerk, Baustellenbüro      

Commissioning of boiler
and firing systems





Book: Fuel – Steam – Flue gas

Dear interested party,
Unfortunately this book is currently in German language only. If you are interested on an English version please let me know it. In case of a greater demand we will try to translate it.


Index of contents


Extract Forword

This available book with the titel "Brennstoff - Dampf - Abgas" (Fuel –
Steam – Flue gas) is the successor of the book which is now - rich in
tradition since good 60 years - used as a special textbook . It was and is well known under the title "Brennstoff und Dampf in Deiner Hand" or
very simple under the name of the former author "The Nuber".

This new 18th edition has been completely reworked, extended and is
brought to the last state-of-the-art technology.

This concerns both the new hypercritical steam generator and boiler
firing systems, as well as valves, apparatuses, ancillary machines or
practical boiler operation. Furthermore the "flue gas cleaning" is
especially remarkable including the CO2 capture as an extreme
important subject. In part 5 of this book all new technologies are
described detailed and understandable by Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Rudi Karpf.

With a small sidestep also the water steam circuit of a power plant and some of the components are described. Furthermore some extensions in the application field for marine steam generator have been added.

The formulary still exists.

Consequently here again you will have available a special textbook
which contains all necessary basic knowledge of the conventional
steam generation technology, in restricted space and very easy to

Enjoy this reading matter.

Klaus Diepenseifen